March 25 to April 1, 2013

It’s been a long while.  First off, Happy day after Easter.  I can’t even remember the last time I updated here.  I will have to go back and look at everything.

Monday – March 25 – Tart ISIB – Chapter 5.10
– March 25 – Moonlight Compulsion Failure Notice
Tuesday – March 26 – Vinson EPIC – Chapter 3
– March 26  – Acai Berry – Chapter 3
– March 26 – Random Town Jump Starts with Chapter 1.
Wednesday – March 27 – No Name of the Game.  I forgot guys.  Sorry.
Thursday – March 28 – 25 Days – Chapter 14
Friday – March 29 – Still having lag issues with Midnight Fug.  I have lost all interest in my Random Challenge, but I will return to it eventually.
Saturday – March 30 – Random Town Jump – Chapter 2
Sunday –  March 31 – Happy Easter!  Supernatural Sundae’s was delayed due to the holiday.  Chapter 0.6 was delayed by a few hours.
Monday – April Fool’s Day – No jokes today.  Supernatural Sundae’s Chapter 0.7.  Chapter 0.8 should be the last for the founding generation.  Oh and I blatantly ripped off Reggie’s bio pages for the family.  All credit goes to her and Herping and Derping.  That is also a must read.  Go. Go now!

Due to the long weekend and Stinks’ Spring Break, everything is delayed.  I am actually playing Tart’s right now, so I will get everything back on track as I am able.

Also,  if you recall, I won a custom made sim from TFMsMinion for Cupid’s Conumdrum Challenge win.


Here is Freya!  She will be starting something up in the next few months, although I will be starting it unofficially this week.  No updates until later this month, perhaps next month.


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