Windows Live Writer insists that Chasing Wishes connection with the blog is broken.  I have transferred the two chapters over to the same site as the Desiderio’s.  I have tested the connection and I can now work on poor Luke Ugli again.  Until I get that save ready (it has not met Supernatural or Seasons), here is Lavender Wishes!  Just click the pic.


*Note*  I’m going to be deleting blogs soon, or at least families.  My Random blog will be deleted, but the Silverflower’s and possibly, Midnight Fug, will live on.  I just lost momentum  for them both.  I will hopefully get back to them in the next few months.  They are listed as permanent hiatus until then.

I will be having a heartfelt look at each family and deciding their fates in the coming weeks.   The guarenteed are always going to be the Tart’s and Vinson’s.  I promise!


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