Spring Cleaning 2013

Guess what?  It’s Spring.  Time for some Spring cleaning.

I have deleted Chasing Wishes and it is now the new roommate of Desiderio Wishacy.  No, I have  not updated it yet.  Just got the only two chapters moved over.  At the same link, I have put up Lavender Wishes.  A new wishacy by me.

Tart ISBI is completely safe and will be updated regularly.

Vinson EPIC is completely safe and will be updated time permitting.

My Random Blog is going to be gone!  Silverflower Dreams has moved. Midnight Fug is cancelled due to glitches with pregnancies that I cannot solve.  Silverflower will be put on hiatus though, so do not expect any new updates until summertime.

Random Town Challenge is safe and will be updated on weekends.

Name of the Game is safe, but I am not going to be posting regularly.  Too many kids is burning me out on that one.

Acai Berry PGS – is safe, but again, will be randomly posted when I feel like doing so.

Supernatural Sundae’s – Completely safe and will continue with the Sunday updates.

25 Days – Completely safe and updates will *hopefully* stay on track for Thursday’s.

Cancelled for good!

Dantari Legacy – Cancelled due to glitches, the blog has been deleted.  I love that family!  I just can’t get the  save to load.  I really think it has to do with the size of the household.  I swear there were like 30 people in that house.

Jenn’s Asylum has been cancelled since August.  I have deleted all the content.  I am keeping the blog in case I ever do another asylum challenge.

Nebula 100 Baby – Cancelled.  Glitched beyond all repair.  Blog deleted.


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