Weeks of April 2 – April 15

First of all, Happy 16th birthday to my daughter, Cait, who lives over 1,000 miles away.  I love you and miss you.

A while back, I did a preview post of my new wishacy, Lavender Wishes.

On April 2, the blog opened with the first chapter.  Here is a listing of the first 8 Chapters.

I am also doing an unposted 100 baby challenge.  Rigor Mortis is up to child #26.  I have spent the most time doing these two things only and taken a break from everything else.

I have done a lot of maintenance and deleting of all my old blogs with failed stuff on it and moved new stuff elsewhere.  All the links on this page should be current, but if not let me know.

Random Town Jump – Chapter 3.  Chapter 4 is scheduled for next week and I am currently working on Chapters 5 and 6.  Chapter 6 should be the end of Generation 1 and Monte Vista.  The next town is Moonlight Falls.

Today, I actually loaded up Supernatural Sundae’s.  I am hoping to have a chapter out this week and get some more scheduled.

Tarts, Vinsons and Name of the Game are still on hold.  I am taking an unscheduled break for an unknown length of time.

My old Asylum page will hold my 100 baby Challenge kid pics and download links.  I do have the first 10 uploaded on mediafire and my studio.

Otherwise, I have just been hanging out and playing the Wishacy.  My foundress is a strange one.

4 thoughts on “Weeks of April 2 – April 15

    • What a pretty name! I did manage to get the 2nd to last chapter of Supernatural Sundae’s out this morning. Had to do yardwork before the week of storms hit.

      I did take a super long time off. I have two updates worth of Monte Vista to edit and write this week. Every couple of months, I disappear to recharge and gain back enthusiasm for the families. Tarts are just so boring. I have played several times and have maybe 5 pics. I still need to pick a twin for heir/heiress.

      • Thank you. 🙂

        Sitting down and actually writing chapters is a huge bother for me. I keep my game open in my tool bar so it just sits there calling my name. “Come on, just till the newest kids become toddlers” and then I end up with the kids becoming children. I then have 1000 more chapters to do.

    • I do that too! I will have the game open so that I can get traits and then I look up an hour later and I have played and have to add more to the chapter or make a new chapter so I don’t forget what I had just done.
      *pokes open game* The Supernatural Quads just aged up to YA, Now to get generation 1 started.

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