Eye Problems

Well, I have finally gotten to the point of quitting Sims 3.

Yesterday, out of nowhere, my default eyes quit working.  Just stopped on anyone that was not taken into CAS.  The eyes would then apply and I had to save the changes.

Clearing caches did not work.  Trying new defaults did not work.   Changing saves did not work.  I deleted all CC except for my eyes.  Didn’t work.  I am running a fresh EA world with only 4 little items.  My eyes and skins.  Still nothing.


Chris Steel’s eyes in a brand new Sunset Valley with default eyes installed, but not showing up.


All I did was (no mods..ack), testingcheatsenabled true, go into CAS and hit the check mark. 

The only reason I ever got into CC and mods in the first place was because of the eyes.  This will literally have me quitting the game.  I should not have to take 150+ sims into CAS just for default eyes to work.

4 thoughts on “Eye Problems

    • That was tried last night without any changes. I use any game starter and have 8 different ea folders. It’s happening in them all and they are not connected in any way. Thanks though!

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