Week of April 16 – 22

Lavender Wishes
April 16 – Chapter 9
          17 – Chapter 10
          18 – Chapter 11
          19 – Chapter 12 – End of Generation 1

Random Town Jump – Monte Vista
April 20 – Chapter 4

Oh and my house got finished!  Super excited to show it all to you soon!  It shows up in Part 2 of the University chapters.

Pregalot WYD
April 20 – Intro
          20 – A is for Angela
          20 – B is for Brian
          20 – C is for University, Pt. 1
          21 – C is for University, Pt. 2, Carol and Charlie
          22 – D is for Dorothy – probably post today.
Scoring Page is posted.  I will also have a drop down menu for all the kids as they move out. It is updated through C baby.

I did do some work in Supernatural Sundae’s, Tarts and Random Town Jump.


The eye issue was sorted and it was my own stupidity.  TUF, thanks for the reset town idea, but it had not worked.  It was actually using MC/sim/outfit/all (games not open, so that’s the best guess I got).  I basically had to have everyone in town switch to their athletic wear to have the eyes and skin switch over. 

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