Week of April 23 – May 2

A lot of wishacy work has been done recently.  It’s almost the only thing I have been working on.  Last time, I believe I finished Chapter 12 and Generation 1.

Lavender Wishes
April 23 – Chapter 13
April 23 – Chapter 14
April 24 – Chapter 15
April 24 – Chapter 16
April 28 – Chapter 17
April 29 – Chapter 18
April 30 – Chapter 19
May 1      – Chapter 20
May 2     – Chapter 21
May 3     – Chapter 22 – done and scheduled

Name of the Game
April 27 – Chapter 16

Pregalot WYD
April 22 – D is for Dorothy
April 23 – E is for Elizabeth
April 24 – F.1 is for Full House
April 26 – F.2 is for Frank

I am almost to the fail point in the WYD.  So, I will need to go in and make a final decision soon.

Silverflower Dreams had moved blogs early in April and during the move the pics got deleted.   Luckily, I had not purged the 9 chapters from my backup files.  It took several hours, but that is all fixed now.  I do want to get that started back up.  I believe Glitter Kiss and the kids were saved, but not sure if the save itself was.

Tart’s Gone Backwards.  It’s a backwards ISBI, very difficult.  Cola-Fizz, who is not going to be heir, is my founder for this.
April 26 – Chapter 0
April 29 – Chapter 1

I can’t say that this will be updated in a timely manner, but I will try to get past this first generation.

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