Days of May 3 to May 15

Well, it’s been a long first half of May.  It started with the first ever recorded snow here on May 1 and yesterday it was like 9 million degrees.  Other than that, on May 2 I started working again for the first  time in 2 years.  Then on May 6, I was doing routine maintenance and thought I had saved my save folder to my desktop and uninstalled all my worlds.  Yes.  I had put them (saves) back in for testing and never took them out a second time.  This caused me to lose 70% of my families.  I am still bummed.

On top of that, my oldest child got married on May 4th and I was unable to attend.  He will turn 21 on May 29th, which is also Stink’s last day of 3rd grade.


Matt and Becca

Anyway, the setbacks didn’t keep me down for long though.    In no particular order:


May 5 – G is for Gloria
May 11 – Rule Update
May 11 – H is for Harold
I have not played past Harold birth.  Chapter 25 might come out sometime this week or this weekend.

Lavender Wishes

May 3 – Chapter 22
May 9 – Chapter 23

May 13 – Chapter 24 – Moved towns.
I have not played since the town change.   I should have an update out before the weekend.

*New* Name of the Game 2

On May 11th I announced that I was going to start it soonish.   Well, in two play sessions I knew who the heir was. LOL

May 13 – Chapter 1: Jordan came out.   Jenn Vanilla (I couldn’t bear to use the berry version again) takes on Aurora Skies.

Chapter 2-4 are done and scheduled, but I might post them randomly over the next little while.  They are scheduled (as of now) for the 20th, 27th, and June 3rd.

*New* Touch of Evil

I started a Pinstar-ish villain legacy…with points no less.  After all this time, I have not done a regular legacy.

May 8 – Chapter 1
May 9 – Chapter 2
May 11 – Chapter 3
May 12 – Chapter 4
May 13 – Chapter 5
May 15 – Chapter 6

Chapter 7 and 8 are done, just need to be written up when I have a spare moment.  That will end Generation 1.

I have some ideas in my head for another thing to add to my list.


This couple, a male made by me and the female is a LL model are going to breed me 10 kids.  The top 4 favorites will be voted on to start a new perfect genetic challenge.  They are in an empty world called Villadeau, which is really nice if you download all the lots for it too.   These guys are still in making stage, I guess a rough draft if you will.  Only coloring/occult/skin will change.  I might post pics of the kids as they age up over at Acai’s old site so that you can get to know them for voting purposes.  I am not in a rush so this will probably be maybe the last week of May or sometime in June.  I have no clue at this point.


If you recall, back in December I did a challenge for TFM’s Sims Asylum with Cupid Arrow.  You might actually recall that one of his 33 kids was Mercury Arrow and he had to nail 100 women.  Well, I found his save on an old jump drive.  I packed up him, both of his dads, his step dad and two of his pregnant women and his 16 kids.   He is no longer doing that challenge.  Him and his fiance (shown above) are going to raise the 18 (Ayah and Bailey Swain are pregnant with 17 and 18) k.  My favorite child will find a spouse and start an IF legacy (every generation has to marry their IF).   This is slated for later this summer and might be put on hold and played as a for fun game until the kids all grow up.

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