May 16 to June 15

Long time no hear from.  My 900 doctor address book is done and I made almost $1100 doing it.  So, I’m happy as a clam.  In the meantime, I have been playing some, but mostly I have been taking a break and  playing for fun games that I only post about at Sims Asylum.  I even have some TS2 going on too.

June 2 – Name of the Game 2: Elnora

June 8 – Random Remington’s Chapter 5.  I also did the heir vote too.  Here are the results.

June 15 – Touch of Evil Chapter 15.  WWIII and a visit from Grim.

I was also rushing to close a window during a thunderstorm that was dumping water into the house.  I dropped the window on my left index finger.  4 hours later and I still can’t feel it.  I don’t think it’s broken, but I am left-handed and this has ruined my day.  I am now training my middle fingers to do the middle and index finger keys for typing.   At this point, I have no clue when I’ll have a new update out or if I will even be able to take pics if I play.

Until next time guys.  Have fun and happy simming.

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