Up and Running

Old Guy finally got a backup hard drive into my computer.  After a few days of running it into the ground with no issues, I finally put the Sims back on.  I did have to work today and that went well too, so I can officially state that everything is a-okay…for now.

I am hoping to resume my stories during the week and write them up on the weekends (if I have free time) and post them.

So far, I have Touch of Evil has moved towns and gotten at least the Everyday outfit makeover.  Remember, no cc!  It’s so icky.  A lot of time was lost in the crash.  Vera-Ellen’s pregnancy was not born yet I don’t think.  It is now child age.  Ulti and Edea are 4 days into Teen.  Megatron just hit teen.  All of the family was with them during their move.

Supernatural Sundae’s lost the saves, but I did have the family and house in the bin.  All makeovers have been completed and no time was lost.  They are in a new world as we speak.  I am hoping to get everyone else tested out during the course of this week.


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