June 16 to Now

I have been playing the last few months, but nothing consistently.  Add in all the problems already mentioned, and I just was blah about the whole legacy crap.

That is over!

The Tart Twist has happened.  Generation 6 has started and been posted.  It’s also going to be a bit speedier, but because of the twist, it should have the same amount of chapter as usual (12 or less).  I am striving for smaller chapters too.   Also, Generation 6 has been added to the downloads page and the amount of downloads does have a determination at the end (if needed).

Some things are still on hiatus, but I do plan to get the Vinson’s going and completed by the end of this year (fingers crossed).  I hope to get back into them in September.

After that, I will slowly start adding the others back in as time and work allows.

I am also doing a for fun Speedy Legacy (for the 3rd time), hopefully this one does not fail.  No postings or even a blog.  Not sure I even will post it.


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