Aug. 29 to Sept. 16


Not much has actually been going on for a while. 


August 30 – Jade starts up in Isla Paradiso with her Chapter 1
September 5 – Sage has his Chapter 2


Hell Hollow BACC is up to Rotation 6, Household 3.  I am having trouble with that world, but I can’t move the families as they are causing errors everywhere they go.  I am to the point that I will have to save each family individually, move them to a new town and rebuild their houses and resorts, which sucks ass.


I have played Random Remington’s.  I just have not posted anything for them yet.


September 10 – Lavender Wishes – Chapter 25 is out.


After a while, all my saves started getting a Sims has stopped working error when I go into build mode.  I bought the Movie Pack and I have yet to even try anything out because of it.  So, I can’t even move my BACC people until that is resolved.


So, I went back to good ol’ TS2.  I suck at that game and end up with dead people everywhere because they are so hard to keep alive.


You can see their antics at Jenn’s Sims 2 Stuff.  Totally thought provoking title, right?




Fiona here is doing a 100 pregnancy challenge.  She has 3 pregnancies down, I believe.  She got twins, trips and then twins again.




Then I decided to go back to 3 this morning and see if CAS crashes.  It didn’t so meet my superhero, Spider Bite.  I had no clue what to do with her, so I threw her up on the exchange.  You can also find Sage and Jade there with her.  I was in build mode long enough to make a box and colorize it for the pic with no trouble. 


I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things.  If  I can just get my game leveled out for Godric Midnight Hollow, which comes out the day before my birthday in 11 days.  I just hope I don’t roll a midlife crisis.  That would just suck ass.  The number 40 sucks ass too. 

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