Sept. 17 to Sept 26

As usual, not a lot going on.  My kid deleted my Sims 2 folder and Sims 3 too. For good measure he also deleted my PSP and all my scripts.  He is now banned from my computer.  I use Any Game Starter for Sims 3, so absolutely nothing was lost there.  Sims 2 is another story.  Luckily all my CC was in a folder on my desktop.

Sadly, that means that my Prosperity Challenge died before the third update.   I took a little bit and got right back to it.

Sims 2 –

Valley View BACC was started.  You can find them on my sims 2 blog with the Prosperity Challenge.
Sept. 22 – Fall 1
Sept. 23 – Winter 1
Sept. 24 – Spring 1

Sept 26 – Summer 1

Sims 3 –

Hell Hollow had an update too.

Sept. 20 – Rotation 6.4 – Douglas.

I played the Vinson’s too, but not enough for an update.  I was testing out Build mode.  I got several rooms redecorated without a crash, so their folder is stable enough and I moved Hell Hollow over there with good results.  They have since moved to Moonlight Falls.

Midnight Hollow comes out today.  I am really excited for it.  Also my birthday is tomorrow, and I plan to go into hiding.  I probably won’t leave bed for the rest of the week/weekend in depression.

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