Sept. 27 to Oct. 16

Blech.  Turned 40 on Sept. 27.  I got a Nintendo 3DS for a present a couple of weeks prior.  My son called, my daughter texted, which really made my day!  Old Guy and Stink  forgot, as per the usual.  When they were finally “coached” into remembering, we went to the store and I made my own cake and it wasn’t too bad.  Baking (even from a mix) is not my strong suit.

Sims 2 was going strong that whole time.  I had issues with Sims 3 crashing after getting to the loading screen.  I had to uninstall the Movie Pack as a trial, and it still had severe crashing problems.  I did everything, but it was no use.  I didn’t open Sims 3 again.

Sims  2 – Valley View BACC
So much has happened here.

Sept. 27 – Rotation 4.3
Sept.  27 – Rotation 4.4
Sept. 27 – End of Rotation 4, Summer
Sept. 29 – Rotation 5.1
Sept. 30 – Rotation 5.2
Oct. 1    – Rotation 5.3
Oct. 3     – Rotation 5.4
Oct. 4     – Rotation 5.5
Oct. 4     – Rotation 6.1
Oct. 6    – Rotation 6.2
Oct.  8   – Rotation 6.3
Oct. 8    – Rotation 6.4
Oct. 8    – Rotation 6.5
Oct. 9   -Rotation 6.6
Oct. 10 – Rotation 6.7
Oct. 11 – Rotation 6.8
Oct. 11 – Rotation 6.9
Oct. 11 – Rotation 6.10

Then I had trouble getting Riordan to stay alive for Rotation 7.1 and started to hate him, so I took a mandatory break.  Since I do not have cable, I got caught up on all of last years shows through Netflix.  Then it was time to fix Sims 3.

I was able to get my game to load, but then a catastrophe.





Vinson’s had just  moved to a new town in early Sept, so I still had them in my bin.  Same thing for the Sundae’s and Voorhee’s.  The PGC family had never moved,  so they were a total loss.


Then when I would get a save to load, this would happen.  I lost 40 more saves to this.   Tart’s were checked and looked fine, same with the Lavender’s.  They both were in different sections of ASG3 and I had not added the Movie Pack in yet.

I then had to do some Sims 3 testing to see if the CAS/Build-Buy crashing as solved too.

Ivory Mist is doing a new Perfect Genetics challenge.
Oct. 14 – Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Ivory definitely  makes a better assassin than she does a mom.

Vinson’s needed to be checked too!  I can’t believe it has been seven months since the last update.
Oct. 16. – Chapter 4


2 thoughts on “Sept. 27 to Oct. 16

    1. The whole Sims 3 shit has pissed me off. I am so glad the last one is out next week.

      Thanks, it didn’t turn out too bad. My cake was crap though….it was dry on the edges and slightly uncooked on the edges. I blame my oven…I never have liked it.

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