Period of Oct. 17 to Nov. 7

Lots of stuffs going on the past few days.  Most of the saves were lost, but I was able to recover the major ones.

Ivory’s Genes

Oct. 14 – Chapter 2
Oct. 15 – Chapter 3

As soon as the Daywalker mod is updated for 1.63, I will get back to them.

You can get your Ivory fix by checking out Nirar’s Kahekili Random Legacy to see a story arc involving her for at least two Chapters.  I suggest reading the whole thing!  Ivory shows up in Chapter 72.

Chasing Wishes.  After 16 months, I bring you:
Nov. 7 – Chapter 3

I was reading a thread on Twallan’s Wiki and got interested in a quick Time Machine Challenge.

Oct. 31 – Crashed
Oct. 31 – Jaclyn
Oct. 31 – Scottie
Octavio – Coming soon

Random Remington’s

Nov. 5 – Chapter 6

The Tart’s

Nov. 6 – Jade: Chapter 2
Nov. 12 – Sage: Chapter 3 – done and scheduled.

Look at me being all productive and shit.  This is on top of the shit that is posted exclusively here and here.   This is the first one here, but after 95 pages, 2500 replies, and almost 13,000 views in about six months, I had that thread locked and started the second one.  You do need to register, but if you use TFM, Blue, or Shimrod’s mods, then you already are!

Not much else going on.  Just waiting for a few straggler mods.

2 thoughts on “Period of Oct. 17 to Nov. 7

  1. Hi! I just found your stuff! There’s SOOO MUCH to look at, but I’m hanging out over at the Tart ISBI for right now, GREATLY enjoying myself! I’m SO sad to see you’re having so much trouble with the game… 😦 I feel like I’m going to be lost reading all of your stuff for days and days!

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