Vinson Update: Generation 9 Heiress Poll



Personality-wise, Gemma has no friends.  Even her mom, July, is shown as an acquaintance.  She has an A in school and is currently on the honor roll.  She has 1 gardening, 2 logic, and 4 painting skill levels.  She would rather watch tv or sleep then do any skilling.  She has 3 days left until she is YA.



Jessica is differing a lot from her older sister.  She is best friends with her mom and twin brother.  She is good friends with her grandpa, Leo.  She just aged up to teen, so her school level dropped to a C.  She has 2 charisma, 5 logic, 6 painting and 3 writing skill levels.

Generation 9 Heiress Goals

Heir(ess) must join the law enforcement career. Spouse may do any previously unlocked career.
-Once heir(ess) reaches level 10 in law enforcement, “Rebellious” or “Evil” trait is no longer required for each child, and home security systems are unlocked.

The sim chosen will have one or two children.  The one chosen will automatically receive the Logic skill to help them in their career.  If they do the DNA profiler, both will benefit from being artistic.

The poll will run for about a week.  If I see a clear winner, I might end it early.


4 thoughts on “Vinson Update: Generation 9 Heiress Poll

    • I do know how to build a greenhouse (stupid annoying), but only because I buy up the store with my spending money and I own the greenhouse lot/set. If you wanted to sail the high seas, I guess a Google search on the Stones Throw Greenhouse.

    • omg..don’t get your hopes up. I think it sucked ass. I think the Tart’s stared literally a week or two before this did. It also has a scoring system in place, but I failed that shit before the 1st gen was done…LOL

      One day, I will do this challenge again..maybe.

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