Valley of Destiny Begins

With the Vinson’s drawing to a close and Supernatural Sundae’s ending a few others still on hiatus while I work on saving the families, I started Valley of Destiny.


Janet Douglas started out as a berry sim, but she changed in my mind.    She started out as Wisteria Plum Souffle, but I started getting other ideas for her while building her house.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

This is a Risquecy, Janet’s ultimate goal is to have risky woohoo (set at 35%) with 1,000 men….or until I get bored.  There are not that many rules:

You must have Twallan’s Risky Woohooer installed
-You cannot use ‘Try for baby’
-Risky cannot be set no lower than 10% however it’s recommended to set it at 33%.
-Risky cannot be set higher than 50%
-Kids cannot be sent to boarding school
-The kids must live in your sim’s household until he/she is a YA
-Only Risky can be used. Using woohoo is pointless unless he has already impregnated the lady before.
-Your sim can risky woohoo the same sim again only for story line purposes.
-Toddlers don’t have to learn all their skills to age. This leaves room for terrible parent story lines.


6 thoughts on “Valley of Destiny Begins

      1. I’m not sure if I have that enabled in woohooer or not off the top of my head, but yes, I do allow same sex babies for my gay couples.

      2. I was just wondering if her baby might be Darlene’s. I know it’s not Pauline’s, since it was already a-brewing by the time they hooked up. 🙂

      3. I can guarantee it is not Darlene’s. I very, very rarely allow teen pregnancy. Sometimes (like my speed legacy) I do allow it otherwise no one would live long enough to have kids (13 day lifespan).

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