Vinson Gen. 9 Heiress Poll *Closed*


Gemma was the clear winner.  Thanks everyone for voting!


5 thoughts on “Vinson Gen. 9 Heiress Poll *Closed*

    1. Haha! It randomly happens every December. There is an option to turn it on and off somewhere, but I have no idea where. I think WP turns it off at the beginning of January.

      1. So it could be snowing on MY site? Awesome! Hey, over on the Valley of Destiny, when I load chapter two, the first several pictures are X’s and when I click them, they say file not found. It’s PROBABLY just my computer – but I thought I’d let ya know!

      2. The pics show up for me (on VoD), so it could just be WP.

        Also, I just turned on the falling snow for VoD. Dashboard/Settings/Generation and at the bottom of the page it asks if you want falling snow until Jan. 4

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