I’m Still Around

Well, mostly anyway.   I have been immersed in Skyrim, which I picked up (and it’s expansions) over the holiday’s on Steam for like a total of $15.  I have also been playing  shit-ton of Sims 2, which can be seen over on my Sims 2 blog, which includes a Build a City Challenge and a version of ASimWen’s 5 Want Challenge.

I have not played Sims 3 officially since around October, but I have tried.  I just keep losing interest.

In the hopes of rekindling my interest, I have decided to do official legacies in both Sims 2 and Sims 3, concurrently.  Today, I came across Crowbeak’s Sims 3 Scoresheet and updated it through Into the Future.  I am also awaiting permission from her to post if publicly since hers has not been updated since Showtime.

The question is, will this get me back interested in playing enough to finish up my million ongoing projects?  Who knows.  I am sure they will get done eventually.   The Tart merge has me stuck.  In theory, the generation was a great idea at the beginning, but now that I need to get both families back together, I am coming up with severe issues, dopplegangers and flat out crashes.  One of the Tart’s was born insane, but in the losing side of the family.  The other side already has a sim seconds away from YA and should be heir.  I am thinking Milk Dud for heir, but I still have to get 300 sims merged into one single town.  Is there even a town that Tart’s have not invaded  yet?

Yeah, yeah.  I promised the end of the Vinson’s.  I at least got the Generation 9 heiress all voted on.  I lost that save, but I had a back up so both girls did get new makeovers.  I think I will have them done by Christmas 2025.  I promise this time.

All others are on long hiatuses still.  Most of which were corrupted in a crash a while back, but I do have them portered out and just need new homes.  Touch of Evil, while I miss them, I am waiting for the Villain Legacy scoresheet to be updated.  I believe the last update was for University last March.


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