New Legacies

I started up a dual legacy in the hopes of regaining interest in Sims.

The Camden Legacies have both finished their respective first generations.

One is Sims 2, the other is Sims 3.   Sims 2 founder is Riley Camden and the Sims 3 founder is Kevin Camden.
Sims 2
Sims 3

It’s going pretty good so far.  I have had a couple of oopsies in Sims 2, but I think I got it sorted out.  I do not like the scoring in sims 2 and I am thinking of changing it to be more like sims 3 with only points for Portraits, Cash, Aspiration points, Permaplat, since Sims 3 is so basic and Sims 2 is pretty hard.

I think I will even attempt impossible wants for both games at one point.

Also going strong in the Sims 2 department:
Pleasant Wishes is almost finished with Round 3, with only two more households before getting all the kids back from University.
Valley View BACC is still plugging away.  Rotation 7, house 4 posted up the other day.

Other than that, I am having crashing issues in the other games.  I had a week of problems that ended up being from a graphics driver update at the beginning of January.  I never noticed it because it did not affect sims 2.  It’s all sorted out thanks to the help of friends at Sims Asylum.  I am hoping to get back to them, I just have no timeframe of when that will be.  At this point, I don’t even miss them or think about them.

Oh and I am running out of things to read.  Damn you people for completing legacies and stories!  If you have something for me to read, post here and I will link it!

2 thoughts on “New Legacies

  1. I don’t actually know if you have read any of my blogs. All three are still going, although I’ve been a bit stagnant lately. I’m getting ready to post an update again soon though and have been playing, although today was read blog day. 🙂

    Here are the three hoods I have going and hope you will stop by and see how they are. 🙂
    Breeze Point – Prosperity Hood –
    Fellowship One – Fellowship Families (the first set only) –
    Megalahood – Megahood –

    All of them use prosperity style play with some different rules and hacks and stuff between them. 🙂

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