New Hard Drive

The new hard drive is in.  Good thing Old Guy keeps this shit laying around collecting dust.  Plus my war with the internet company for the past five years finally culminated in me threatening their very existence about two weeks ago.

They finally came out and found out that I was paying $100 (yes triple digits) for 1 mb (highway robbery) but was only getting 25 kb/s.  They called it an “office mishap”, but now my nvidia driver update only took 30 minutes instead of the 3-4 hours.  I should be back up and simming, work permitting, in the next 24 hours!

Everything and all my blogs are now a total loss.  The light at the end of the tunnel is over at the Tart’s blog.  There are several option on how to proceed with them, so go on over and vote.  I just posted up a new poll while waiting for updates to download.


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