Sad, Sad Day

Well, I had thought I was losing my graphics card for the past few weeks, but I got that sorted out a couple of days ago when I uninstalled the past 30 driver updates and reinstalled the newest one.

Today, it was apparent by the large “Insert Boot Device” message that it was my hard drive.  In fact, it is my 3rd hard drive in two years.  Of course, this one was decades old and sucked ass anyway.

The actual bad news of the day is that all my saves are now gone.  Tart’s, Vinson’s, megahood.  Sims 3 and Sims 2 alike.  Old Guy says he will look at it after work, but I am not hopeful.  What’s even worse is that I have my Skyrim backups on my jump drive from the reformat a couple of months ago and so I never put my save back ups on there.  I was always so diligent in at least keeping my Tart’s and Vinson’s though, so yeah.  I suck.

Plus with the ear infection that I partially paid the $400 for I was told was gone.  So, instead of being able to buy a hard drive, I will now be wasting my life paying for that.  I’m moving to Canada where healthcare system isn’t a piece of shit.  All I have is my work laptop that can’t do anything but turn on so I can type up my dictations and an old hard drive from a hacked xbox.  Joy.  I don’t think it was more than 25gb, so no sims on that.

I will be consoling myself with chocolate, lots of foot stomping and curse words.  I did get Pokemon Y on my hacked 3ds, so there is that to do at least.


3 thoughts on “Sad, Sad Day

  1. Aw. Dang. That’s super sad! They’re all gone? Well, whenever you get a machine that can run the game, you’re looking at a fun fresh start! I’m kind of excited for you for that! I am sorry about all the lost progress, and your ear infection. Hopefully you’ll be in tip top Simming shape in no time! In the meantime, enjoy your Pokémon!

  2. sorry to hear this I really enjoyed reading your blogs, hopefully in a few months time when you have everything sorted. You will be back playing the sims 2 and 3

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