Concordia 1 & 2

So, I have been working on my Parker Speedy Alphabetacy and my Midnight Sun Challenge (Post #1031 – Must be registered to view) when I saw the Lavender’s in my save games from last year sometime that was found on an old backup disc.

When I entered that old save, I was happy to note that all buy Johnny had been born.  I forced Ye to have the baby, a boy that I did name Johnny again and then aged up everyone to where they were in the last update.  I put them in the same world as the Parker’s, because I had spent a lot of time on it and I really like the sims I put in there.

Then I realized that story progression was not moving anyone around due to no housing.  I decided to do a series of homes for spares and the townies.

Concordia 1

Lot size: 15×10
Price: $11,665/$14,865
One bedroom
One bathroom
Kitchenette – No sink (I totally forgot, dur)
Living Room
Bedroom has a spot for a crib.
No CC.
Ep’s and Sp’s: Supernatural, Seasons, IP and Late Night
Store content: Worthington’s Washbasin (Storybook Bathroom Set)

Note: To keep costs down, no decor or landscaping.

Download (goes in the library folder).






As is, there is space for two sims and a baby, but with the some expansion upwards (or in the basement) you could shove more in.

Concordia 2

Lot size: 15×10

Price: $19,819/$31,013
One bedroom
One bathroom
Living Room
Bedroom has a space for a crib.
Office/Writing area
No CC.
Ep’s/Sp’s: Supernatural, Seasons, WA, Late Night, Supernatural, Generations, Ambitions, HEL, ITF and Fast Lane
Store content: Listed Here






Space provided for two sims, but you could possibly replace the office area with a nursery if you needed too.  The bedroom does have space for a crib also.
I have a third one in progress.  All are different house types from pseudo-modern to traditional.  I am hoping to do about 10 of these, but who knows how far I will actually get.

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