Game Updates

I have been really lax in keeping my updates on a regular schedule.

May saw me finally saving what families I could from the February/March hard drive issue.  June saw a lot of Sims 2 being played also.

Sims 3:

On May 10, I recovered the Vinson family.  By June 21, I knew something was wrong with Gemma and put up a poll.  The results are in and a new heiress will be raised and nurtured.

May 18 – Lavender Wishes: Chapter 27 was posted up after having to age everyone up from a year old save I found.

June 15 found Cola-Fizz Tart leaving the ISBI to start a Perfect Genetics Challenge.  So far there are six updates, starting here.

June 26 – Speaking of the Tart ISBI, they have had two updates.  Chapter 1 on June 26 and Chapter 2 just a second ago on July 5.

There is nothing new for the Parker Alphabetacy.  It keeps saying the game was saved with Expansion data no longer found.  I have not added, deleted, or changed anything.  I will get more indepth in fixing it later this month.

Sims 2:

For most of June, I have been doing a Test of Time Challenge for Sims 2 called Time Marches On.  I have about 26 updates for it so far starting with the Croze household.  Currently the generation 2 kids are hitting teen and the generation 3 kids are now being born.

In regards to Sims 4, I see nothing interesting and the rumors and arguments are getting old.  As of right this minute, I will NOT be buying this stupid ass game.

2 thoughts on “Game Updates

  1. I am glad you were able to make some retrievals. I am returning to all things sim after a year hiatus and I am glad you are still posting stories. I am sorry for all of the computer troubles you have been having.

    • I actually saved a lot more than I thought I would. So glad to see you again! I take long breaks too and I am just back to one that was 8 months off and on.

      Computer is stable for now. *knock on wood* I just hope it stays that way.

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