Updates Around the Junkyard

As usual, not much going on.  Stink heads to 5th grade in less than a week.  Matt and Becca are having a boy and went off to a concert/festival in Oklahoma City today.  A 15 hour concert pregnant?  I cannot even comprehend that, but good luck, Becca!

My main doctor is undergoing shoulder surgery and will not be working for 6 months, which means my current occupation of doing almost nothing, will now be completely doing nothing.  I am supposed to be taking over another practice for $16 an hour instead of my normal $0.08 a line, but who knows if that will actually work out.  Auntie is on vac. this week in northern California anyway.

Computer had anther random meltdown.  No one knows what caused it still.

Game updates – I lost all my games, Aion, Dead Space, Final Fantasy 3, 7 and 8 and Skyrim.

Sims is fine at least.  I lost a couple of things made from July 19-22 which is where I had to “refresh” my computer too.

Game Updates for July:

Sims 3
Tart ISBI Chapter 2
Parker Alphabetacy Chapter 9
Vinson: Chapter 7, Gen. 9 Chapter 1

Sims 2
Time Marches On: 8 updates starting with Croze.  It is now borked due to the rollback, but I am trying to save it.

Game Updates for August:

Sims 3
Tart ISBI: Chapter 3
Vinson: Chapter 2
Kilgore Super Speedy Rainbow Legacy: Here (must be registered to see).
Ocean Breeze and her OWBC: Chapter 1

Sims 2
Zombie Apocalypse using Phaenoh’s rules.  Chapter 1
Kyra Winter and her OWBC: Chapter 1




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