Recently Updated

Not much going on around here.  Stink has been in school for several weeks.  I still can’t believe he is in the 5th grade already.  He brought me a nice case of Strep that knocked me on my ass for a week.

I have no schedule on my games lately.  I just play what I feel like, when I feel like it.

My kid challenged me to eat a ghost pepper and the old man backed him up.  I said I would eat a piece of one and that I would get paid for it.

I did it, I survived (barely) and the next day, I had Sims 4 in my hand.  Since it was given to me, I can stand by my statement that I would never buy it.

Sims 2
Kyra Winter and her OWBC
Chapter 2 – August 7
Chapter 3 – August 11

Octavia Winter and her OWBC (generation 2)
Chapter 1 – August 14
Chapter 2 – August 23

Betsy’s Side Legacy (OWBC – spare legacy requirement)
Chapter 1 – August 22

Spring Creek BACC – August 10 – August 28
Week 1: Spring Family // Bigfoot Family
Week 2: Spring Family // Bigfoot Family // Uni update

Time Marches On – Extensive work was done and it took all month.
Croze – Summer Again  The companion short story did not go over too well.  No link provided.

Sims 3
Ocean Breeze and her OWBC
Chapter 2 – August 4
Chapter 3 – August 12

Rose Shore’s WYDC
Baby C – August 9

The Parker Super Speedy Alphabetacy
Chapter 10 – August 13

Sims 4 – Brand Spankin’ New
The Bassett Legacy
Chapter 1 – September 4
Chapter 2 – September 6
Chapter 3 – September 7
Chapter 4 – September 8

Stark Raving Mad – Coming Soonish


5 thoughts on “Recently Updated

  1. Glad to hear you got over strep alright. Cold and flu season is back again with all of the kids in school too so be sure to take care of yourself. Can’t wait for another Tart update and I’m so excited for you that you got the Sims 4. I’m still digging in promising I won’t buy it until my legacies are done but it’s getting more difficult!

    • I am so not excited for cold season. No one else gets sick in this house except for me.

      I was okay to never get Sim 4 actually, but it was free…well except I almost died. Husband eats ghost peppers raw. I had a thin ring of one and thought I was going to die. I didn’t throw up or cry, but I sure wanted to.

      I will hopefully get a Tart update out soon. I am sort of addicted to a game that runs perfectly even if there are no decent mods for it yet.

      • I don’t blame you in the slightest! I probably wouldn’t be able to stop playing it if I got it which is why I have to wait until I’m done my legacies or I’d probably end up just giving up on them and going all out with Sims 4.
        I still can’t believe you tried a ghost pepper! I don’t think I’d be brave enough to even let it touch my lips. My hat goes off to you! lol

      • Sims 4 is a lot better than I thought it would be. I said I would never buy it and I had to find a way to get it without being a liar. The ghost pepper dare sort of fell in to my lap. It will also never be repeated again. Never. Not unless the money offered is in the 4-digit range or higher.

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