Follow Fails

Just a note that I forgot to mention a previously.

I follow a ton of blogs.  I do fail at reading them.  LOL.  I went through my wordpress reader yesterday (took 6 hours!) and unfollowed a shit-ton of blogs.  Most of them have not had posts in 1-3 years (yikes!), of the ones left, I unfollowed 20 deleted blogs, 30 blogs that I quite, and 20 more that have been on hiatus for more than 7 months.

Of the ones that are left, I actually edited the stupid things so they will finally show up in my email.  I am hoping to catch up on the 50 or so blogs left, so don’t be shocked if you see a wall of likes from me in the coming weeks.

So far, I am caught up on a 100 Alien Challenge and her(I think her) really cool legacy, Don’t Let it be Forgot.  I only got up to generation 6, but hopefully I can catch up on that in my free time and then getting to a lot of others that I am soooo very far behind in.


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