More Updates and Announcements

It’s that time for my last post on my Updates and Announcements.

Nov. 6 – Vinson Boolprop EPIC Challenge, Generation 9: Chapter 8
Nov. 10 – Vinson Boolprop EPIC Challenge, Generation 9: Chapter 9

GENERATION 10!!   (about freaking time too)
Nov. 11 Vinson Boolprop EPIC Challenge, Generation 10(!!): Chapter 1

I did need a break from the Vinson drive to the finish, so….
Nov 12.  Parker Speedy Alphabetacy – Chapter 12

Now on to the sad Announcements.  I have lost a lot of readers over the past year and I have decided to take that lack of interest to heart and cancel all blogs.  I will be playing my families to the finish, but I can’t be bothered to type up and edit pics anymore.

I will continue on with the Vinson’s only because I am barely 7 chapters from the finish.  If you follow more than one blog, you can unfollow them at any time.  I will be posting a link back to here so this can be read far and wide (yeah right).



8 thoughts on “More Updates and Announcements

  1. Aw, I wouldn’t close your blogs! If you even have one reader – or if you even have ZERO but ENJOY IT – then don’t cancel! I see 463 followers right here – and I know that a lot of those people rely on you to post your updates here so they can go read! But if you’re over some of the blogs, shut ’em down. I’m thinking of closing the Lightnings, since no one (including myself) cares about them… anyhoo, you do what you want, but that’s my two cents! ❤

    • I actually only have 5 followers here. The 400 is because my updates post to facebook too.

      haha! I was heading to the Lighting’s now that I am caught up on the Zale’s. I will see how it goes. It’s just so time consuming to worry about updating.

    • That Tart’s are definitely not going anywhere. Those are actually posted to the officials and I get traffic on them still. My WYD blog is at 40,000 views, so I might continue on with that even though they are only there to read the rules. My main goal is the Vinson’s and I will go from there after that.

  2. Hey, Jenn, have you considered switching to Tumblr? It’s a lot less work since you could make smaller posts and upload your pics directly there. I have enjoyed your blogs, but I have failed to take the time to comment, and I am sincerely sorry.

    Above all, definitely make the decision that makes you happy. 😀

    • Hi! Thanks for commenting.

      I am not a fan of tumblr at all. Loading my dashboard and watching my internet scream in protest from all the stupid gifs really is a big turn off. Then there are the legacies with a million posts but you can never find the first one. Tumblr did not last long for me.

      I still have no clue what I am going to do. I may just reevaluate in a month or two. *shrug* I really have no clue.

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