Updates For mid-November

Vinson Boolprop EPIC Final Generation Updates

Chapter 2
Chapter 3

So, I got a lot of “No, Jenn.  Don’t stop posting,” from people I had no clue were even reading and from some I did know were reading.  So, I will be updating for a select few after the Vinson’s are done.  Mainly the Parker’s, Tart’s (ISBI and Genes, which is not abandoned, I promise) and the upcoming Spring Creek.  I still have no interest in the Bassett’s or Sims 4.

I flooded the Vinson’s this past week, so I figure I’ll make you wait a week or two for the last 2-3 updates.  Plus, I am sort of sad about the end and have started dragging ass on playing.  That and the stupid idiots keep running out of their house, down the block, through the fence, back through the yard, through the wall into the bathroom and then backtrack ALLLL THE FUCKING WAY back to the front door just to leave the lot.  I bulldozed that bitch and built them a new house.

When all else fails, load up Sims 2!!  I had a conflict in my default clothing, which was a PITA to dig through, but I finally got it.  I was creeped out about my sims wearing flesh colored clothing with nipples.  *shudder*

I was going to do a BACC…again.  Then I figured I would go with a prosperity-type neighborhood.  Therefore, Spring Creek BACC is now just Spring Creek.

I do have the first two families posted, but I am still getting the hang of the gameplay since that is super new to me.

Not much else going on.


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