Late November/Early December Updates



Let’s start off with a Tart update!  I should have another soonish!

I have had lots of work the past week because another transcriber was admitted on Friday due to a slow leak, which means her baby will be here any time.  I have not heard a word and her actual due date is tomorrow.  I am having to learn new doctors so that she can spend some time recuperating and having a nice maternity leave.  Add in the fact that it is the holiday season and I have no clue what will be updated or if I will even have time.  I am hoping to get Tart’s to Generation 7 this month though…and I am so glad all the kids are now born.

Well, I did it!  Vinson’s were completed on November 22, 2014 while Dragon Age Inquisition was still downloading (which took 9 days total…thanks crappy internet).  Thanks to a reminder by Kittenvampire, the Vinson link has officially moved to the Completed page.  I am officially listed as the first person to ever complete the EPIC Challenge too.  I am the sole owner of the Boolprop EPIC badge, for now.  I know the Rourke EPIC will be joining me someday!

So, what have I been doing the past few weeks?  Dragon Age Origins, Awakenings and Dragon Age 2.  I have completed DAO and I am really close to completing Awakenings.  I plan on doing other DLC before restarting DA2.

In the past couple of days I have seen fit to dust off an old save that many thought I had forgotten about.





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