Updates: Mid-January

Here are the updates from December 16 through January 16.  Oh and a belated Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, blah blah blah.

Sims 2

Sims2EP9 2015-01-10 19-52-18-72

Novak WYD:

Baby F
Baby G
Baby H

Sims 3


New:  Kilgore Super Speedy Rainbowcy:  Now on a blog near you.  All updates are still at Naughty Sims Asylum, but after each generation I will be posting on the blog.


Parker Alphabetacy: Chapter 13


New:  Doomed


Tart ISBI:  Issues  Here is an unedited pic in game of what the family after having to go through each one and saving them individually and then mashing the family back together.  The family is having such bad issues that I have uninstalled Sims 3.  I am probably going to have to delete the Sim who is corrupt, but I have to figure out who that is first.  The ancestors, Gen 1-5 are fine.  Jade, Sage and the wives are fine.  I think it is going to be one of the quads.

I have no clue when I will find time to reinstall Sims 3, but I am hoping for before February.  All Sims 3 blogs are on a mini-hiatus until I have the game back going.

Sims 4:
Ugh.  Still hate the game, but I did open it up now that I have to fix Sims 3.  I have not gone back to the Bassett Legacy yet (I can’t even remember the sims in that family, but it might come out of hiding soon).

TS4 2015-01-16 00-57-52-08

Stark Raving Mad has been linked forever, but now it actually has shit in there!

Wonder Kid Challenge by Pinstar – COMING SOON!  The kid is born, so I did get somewhere.  This is a quick one generation challenge that I might actually get off my lazy ass and finish.  I have no interest in starting yet another blog, so I have to figure out where I’m gonna shove this family.  Stay tuned.

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