Updates: Mid-February

Lots and lots going on, folks.

Tart ISBI had a successful heir poll and Peanut Brittle won.

2/4/2015: Chapter 7
2/6/2015: Chapter 8
2/10/2015: Chapter 1 –Peanut Brittle’s first chapter of Generation 7!!

But that’s not all!  I was sad that one of the kids was not voted heiress, so Tart AU was born! This will be a multi-challenge endeavor.  There is a list of who gets what challenge and that leads to links to their page and the rules of the challenge.

So far, there are 6 chapters covering 5 challenges. Marzipan’s challenge was first and has actually been going on for quite a while, but it is at Naughty Sims Asylum.  I might at some point copy it over to the blog for people who do not want to register to read it.

A quick rundown:
Marzipan is doing a Family Man Challenge.  4 Updates are posted on the forum.
Holly Berry is doing a Random Legacy (which is having issues right now).
Chai Tea is doing a Queen Bee.  Drone 1 is up.
Candy Cane is doing a Completion Challenge.  Chapter 1 is up.
Cinnamon is doing a Black Widow.  Chapter 1 is up
Mochaccino is doing a Name Game Challenge. Chapter 1 and 2 are up.
Banana is doing a Hotel Challenge.

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