Recent Happenings


Peanut Brittle is going strong over at The Tart ISBI.

Feb. 12 – Chapter 2
Feb. 15 – Chapter 3
Feb. 20 – Chapter 4
Feb. 27 – Chapter 5

Let’s all cross our fingers that I can continue popping these out regularly.

Tart AU got underway, as mentioned in the middle of February.  Most of the first chapters went up before the announcement.

Since then, not much happened.
Feb. 11 – Mochaccino got started on his Chapter 1.  Too bad the hotel was completely glitched and no one could get anywhere.  I am calling this half-assed failed until I find a challenge that takes 7-8 sims.  Maybe an asylum?   Thoughts?

Feb. 28 – I could not get into a Legacy or Random Legacy at all.  Holly Berry starts with Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 she makes the switch over to a Homemaker Challenge.

The Parker Alphabetacy’s next update is almost done.  They moved to Midnight Hollow, but the camera jumping there is making me seasick.

Oh oh oh!  Remember Touch of Evil?  I found a copy of Vera-Ellen and remade her spouse and three kids.  I hope to have an update soon.

I slacked off on Doomed, but I am hoping to play this week and do a few chapters.


I have also completed Dragon Age: Inquisition for the second time and I am a couple of hours into my third attempt with my first male Quizzy.  I named him Troy.

My husband and kid also have been trying to get me into Clash of Clans.   I did not get interested until I saw Liam Neeson’s Superbowl commercial on youtube.  I have been addicted for about a week now.

The commercial cracks me up and the game itself isn’t too bad.


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