March Mayhem

My Sims 3 started acting up, so if you were wondering why I have not been playing, wonder no more.  All of my trees and mountains are wavy…kind of like looking at heat rising from asphalt.

I did ignore it a few times and got a couple of things out for Tart AU:

I moved Marzipan, who is doing a family man challenge and I consolidated the 5 forum updates into one chapter on the blog.
Candy Cane: Chapter 2

Touch of Evil is still in the works.  I have built them a house, but then my game went weird.

I have bought the first DLC pack for Dragon Age Inquisition, that is really fun stuff!  And difficult!  I am also still addicted to Clash of Clans and play all freaking day long.

Let’s see…what else happened in March?  Well, I had gotten Battlefield 4 Game Time (168 free hours) through Origin.  I finally got it downloaded after about 6 months and couldn’t play it.  I deleted that puppy fast!  I then downloaded Sims Medieval, which played fine, but the Pirates & Nobles did not.  I got a refund after a 7 hour war with EA Unhelp.  I then took my $10 to Steam and got Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and all DLC for like $7.50.  I finally got that downloaded and played it for a few minutes yesterday.  Not sure if I like it yet, but it sucked that I have no clue what is going on and it is like game 4 in a series (or something).  I do like the killing animations though!  Good fun.  I might save the game and go back to the beginning and get them in order.

But mostly, March was filled with Sims 2!

Come join me at Shademoor, a huge project that took half the month to get set up and where I am now on Round 3 of a Build a City Challenge using Nepheris’ rules, which I do not like one day, like the next, and decide I hate two minutes later.


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