Orchid Sisters

I purged My Studio on the Sims 3 officials and I am offering them here after cleaning up the old sims3pack files and turning them into CC free package files.

All expansions and stuff packs.
All Store worlds
All Store Venues.

I did not add any compilations or sets from the store.

S-Club: (now found on TSR)

  • Ghost (n2, nondefault)
  • MFC5 (nondefault)
  • F1ABC (nondefault)
  • Fawkes
  • SconesScatterTones


  • E-Skin WEAK (Default)
  • E-Skin Weak Freckle (nondefault)
  • E-Skin Fresh (nondefault)
  • E-Skin Natural & Tan (nondefault)
  • E-Skin Natural & Light (nondefault)
  • E-Skin Skinny (nondefault)


  • Brntwaffles/EphemeraMS93 edited eyes (Default).
  • BrntWafflesNilouOnomatopeiaCatEyes (Default) v.2
  • BrntWafflesNilouOnomatopoeiaDogEyes (Default)
  • BrntWafflesNilouOnomatopoeiaHorseEyes (Default)

Merkaba’s Invisible Wing Replacement (MTS)

Only the everyday wear is changed.  All the other outfits will be EA defaulted.
Pics will only be cropped and resized.  No other editing will be done.

First up is a library file with NINE sims.  That is one YA and 8 toddlers.  All are siblings, but one had to be aged up to take care of the siblings.  You will need a mod that allows for more than 8 sims in a household for the library file of this family.

On top of that, I have them individually wrapped in YA single saved sim packaging also.  I do believe that all 9 are named after flowers.

TS3W 2015-05-01 08-13-44-56

The oldest is Miltonia Orchid.  The kids were part of a breeding program long dead.  I am unsure if any of the girls are related.

Skin:  Scones pale bold rainbow.
Hair:  University.
Occult:  Fairy
Traits:  Over-Emotional, Good Sense of Humor, Party Animal, Good, Charismatic
Likes: Kids, Fish and Chips, Pink
LTW: International Super Spy

TS3W 2015-05-01 08-46-26-75 TS3W 2015-05-01 08-46-05-28

Vanilla Orchid (toddler in the library file, YA in the saved sim file)
Skin:  Your default with EA’s green tone.
Occult:  Fairy
Traits: Artistic, Friendly
Likes: Chinese, Veggie Rolls, Purple

TS3W 2015-05-01 09-06-31-98 TS3W 2015-05-01 09-03-53-02

Vanda Orchid
Skin:  Scones Pale Bold rainbow
Occult: Fairy
Traits: Brave, Childish
Likes: Geek Rock, Veggie Burger, Lime

TS3W 2015-05-01 09-30-40-76 TS3W 2015-05-01 09-24-29-25

Pleione Orchid
: Scones Pale  Bold rainbow
Occult: Fairy
Traits: Family-Oriented, Athletic
Likes: Beach Party, Key Lime Pie, Green

TS3W 2015-05-01 09-42-58-61 TS3W 2015-05-01 09-40-39-58

Phaius Orchid
Skin:  Scones Pale Bold Rainbow
Occult: None.
Traits: Brave, Virtuoso
Likes: Hip Hop, Grilled Salmon, Aqua

TS3W 2015-05-01 09-56-14-87 TS3W 2015-05-01 09-55-00-35

Laelia Orchid  (YA, forgot to save her, so she does NOT look like her pic when downloaded)
Skin: Scones Pale/Bold Rainbow
Occult: None.
Traits: Genius, Light sleeper
Likes: Dark Wave, Tri Tip Steak, Sea Foam

TS3W 2015-05-01 10-18-23-21 TS3W 2015-05-01 10-16-38-55

Lady Slipper Orchid
: Scones Pale/Bold Rainbow
Occult: None.
Traits: Handy, Genius
Likes: Soul, Chili Con Carne, Yellow
The fact that she blinked annoys me more than you can know.  Oh well, she is just as cute as the others, although she does resemble Phaius a lot.

TS3W 2015-05-01 10-30-29-79 TS3W 2015-05-01 10-29-04-30

Disa Orchid
: Your default with EA’s green tone.
Occult: None.
Traits: Athletic, Lucky
Likes: Kids, Vegetarian Grilled Salmon, Spice Brown

TS3W 2015-05-01 10-43-12-81 TS3W 2015-05-01 10-41-44-01

Cattleya Orchid
: Fawkes, purple
Occult: Fairy
Traits: Adventurous, Loves the Outdoors
Likes: DigiTunes, Tri Tip Tofu Steak, Yellow

Orchid Sisters (library folder)

Saved Sims Folder
Lady Slipper

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