Apple Family

A random family I made for Generation 8 of the Vinson EPIC.  July and Celadon dated for a while, but in the end, she chose another.

TS3W 2015-05-02 05-36-25-25 TS3W 2015-05-02 05-41-10-34

No CC.  All EP’s and SP’s, store worlds and venues were installed.

Water Leaf Apple (Father)
Skin:  EA light rainbow slider with your defaults
Traits: Neat, Virtuoso, Born Salesman, Schmoozer, Eco-Friendly
Likes: Soul, Hamburger, Red
LTW: Hit Movie Composer

Emerald Apple (mother)
Skin: Same
Traits: Social Butterfly, Unlucky, Savvy Sculptor, Dog Person, Ambitious
Likes: Egyptian, Fried PB&J, Blue
LTW: CEO of a Mega Corporation

TS3W 2015-05-02 05-44-15-65 TS3W 2015-05-02 05-50-18-91

Twins are Celadon and Holly

Traits: Disciplined, Good, Natural Cook, Friendly
Likes: Soul, Sushi, Blue

Traits: Genius, Family Oriented, Green Thumb, Angler  (hmm maybe a DITFT sim? I’ve been thinking of doing that challenge for years)
Likes: Pop, Firecracker Shrimp, White

TS3W 2015-05-02 05-59-48-00 TS3W 2015-05-02 06-00-04-75 TS3W 2015-05-02 06-00-08-77

Granny Smith Apple
Traits: Friendly, Playful, Quiet

I hardly ever make pets, so I just now realized you could change their eye color.  Yeah, I am a moron.  She is the only family member being offered up as a saved pet.

Granny Smith (saved sim folder)
Apple Family (library folder)

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