May/June Updates

I can’t believe it has been around two months since the last update.  It probably has to do with me ignoring sims and playing FF XIV.  Okay, not probably, most def.

Due to the weather and a major husband snafu, we made a quintuple truck payment and I lost internet because I had to hold back bills for an extra two weeks.  It was the worst 42.5 hours ever.  On a happier note, not truck payment until August or September.  Husband is working 70+ hour weeks, so we are having a planned triple mortgage payment month next month.

Anyone else get a visit from TD Bill?  Fuck you and all your rain and wind, Bill.  I live in Missouri people.  The last time I was anywhere near a hurricane, I had to drive from Pennsy all the way thru Jersey to pick up my coward mother from work.  How I made it when all you saw was overturned tractor trailers, I’ll never know.  That would be Hurricane Floyd, in case you were wondering.  I’m from California, I’ll take an earthquake over a hurricane or tornado any day.

Enough with the boring shit.  Since it’s been so long since an update, I have to scour through my millions of blogs for update dates.

Sims 2

April 26 – May 17: Shademoor – Four more updates.

Sims 3

Dreamsicle BISBI:  I was accused of cheating by using the FoY.  Screw that.  I completely lost interest in the family.

April 20:  Lavender Wishes, Chapter 29
May 9: Tart ISBI: Gen. 7, Chapter 6
June 10: Gen. 7, Chapter 7
*New*  Seeing Double – Doppelganger Challenge
*New* The Souffle’s – an It’s All Relative challenge.
*New*  The Vinson’s 2.0.  Starting with the time machine child and last kid of generation 10, Kacey stats a new EPIC challenge.
Touch of Evil:  No new updates, but I have recreated the family and built them a house!

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