September to Now

Omg, I am so sorry guys.  This will be a blanket post put on all my blogs because I’m super lazy and anti-Sims right now.

But Jenn, what have you been up to lately?  Well, it certainly has nothing to do with me getting a life, don’t worry!

DragonAgeInquisition 2015-10-31 11-05-28-60

See that 586 hours?  Well, in September it was only like 375 or some shit.

I did do the Asylum’s 2nd anniversary contest, but I ended it a bit early so I could get back to said DA:I faster.  It was in Sims 2 and it sucked, but go vote for me anyway.  Oh wait, there is only one day left in voting, so nevermind.

Oh and hubby took up a new hobby.  Moonshine and Rum.  I may or may not be on my way to full on drunkenness at this exact moment.  The current batch I am sampling (Rum) is 140 proof and you can’t even taste the alcohol.  So, that has been fun to sample and watch him try new things (blackberry, coconut, peppermint, peach, and cinnamon that he gives away to whoever wants it).

Anyway, I haven’t played, so you aren’t missing a single thing.  This also means that I have fallen behind in my reading too.  I will catch up soon, I promise.  I just have no clue how long my inactivity will go on.


3 thoughts on “September to Now

    1. Hubby makes his beer too, but it takes a very long time depending on the type of yeast used (and I don’t drink that crap or any kind of beer. Ever). He doesn’t drink rum or moonshine, he just like the science behind it.

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