Happy Thanksgiving

… week to all my American readers!  Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday.

I will be cooking with just the three of us because J has to work 12 hours before and after Turkey day.  Then he won’t have another day off until Christmas.  Joy.

Not much going on for me.  I finally dragged myself away from DA:Inquisition and back into Sims 3 (and Sims 2 for a contest during October).

Of note:  Thanks to all the readers over the years!

TS3W 2015-11-23 12-07-07-52

The Tart’s hit 30,000 views and I missed it until today.   Speaking of, I did get Chapter 5 done on November 16.  Of course they really annoyed me and I haven’t been back.


I have been playing my Vinson 2.0 though!

I have:
Generation 2
Chapter 5 – November 17.
Chapter 6 – November 17
Chapter 7 – November 19

Generation 3
Chapter 8 – November 19
Chapter 9 – November 21
Chapter 10 – November 22
Chapter 11 – November 23


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