May Updates

TS3W 2016-05-02 10-35-58-63
Vinson 2.0 was restarted last month!

Eep.  It’s been a long, long time.  Sorry about that.  I got sidetracked during and after the Holiday’s with games that were not Sims (DA:I, FFXIV, FFIX, new PS4).  I did just start Gamefly, so I am not sure how that will affect everything in my gaming free time.

November (2015) Updates:
Chapters 12-14 – Vinson 2.0

December (2015) updates:
Chapter 2.2. – Dreamsicle BISBI (sims 3)
Drifter Challenge: 19 updates (sims 3 and 4)

March (2016) Updates:
Shademoor BACC starting here. (Sims 2)

April Updates:
Chapter 6 – Tart ISBI
Chapter 15 – 19 – Parker Speedy Alphabetacy
Touch of Evil Announcement.  Hunting down some needed mods before getting back to this one.

April 15, my middle child’s 19th birthday and the re-birth of Vinson 2.0.
Chapter 14.5 and Chapter 15

May Updates:
Tart AU
Holly Berry – Homemaker Challenge
Chapter 7 – Tart ISBI
Chapter 16: Vinson 2.0

Working on currently:
Vinson 2.0
The Tart’s
Tart AU – (Queen Bee, Black Widow, Homemaker Challenge, Completion Challenge, and the Name Game Challenge are still on going).  Banana has been removed from the challenge and all posts pertaining to him were deleted.  Likewise, Marzipan will be deleted next.
The Dreamsicle’s



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