July to October


Long time, no see.  Sorry I have not been keeping this site up to date, like at all, in months.  My computer  had a meltdown and I luckily came in to some money less than a month later and got it rebuilt.  Then there was almost a month where I could not get Sims 3 or 4 to run on the new set up, but Sims 2 ran perfectly.

We left off with Shademoor, Round 6, House 11.

Shademoor, Round 6, House 12 was posted on August 31.  House 12-30 were posted between August 31 and September 19.  Yes, almost 20 updates in two weeks.  Told you no other games were working.

Shademoor is my entry for SimNaWriMo over at Boolprop, which is for the month of October.

Round 7, Winter, started on October 1.

1. O’Hara
2. Gibson
3. Fayers
4. Walters/Hopson
5. Ratner
6. Bryan
7. University

Sadly, Shademoor was hit by a really (I mean really, really) rare winter storm.  Which families will be suffering?  You will have to read to find out.

The tornado hit in the hours after the Hopson house was done, but before the Ratner’s were started.

The Vinson’s had an unfinished update.  It was posted the day before my birthday and Pistachio takes over for Generation 5.

Chapter 18

Paint the Town will be coming back soon.  I ended up having a big crashing problem and I have no CC in my game.  I didn’t want the father’s creators to see their poor Sims in EA crap.

When the Future Meets the Past will also be coming back soon-ish.  Sims 4 is randomly crashing on me too.  I also pre-ordered City Living, so I will not be playing that game since I have to update mods again for that.

The Tart’s

If you didn’t know, Ivy Berry and Raisin just wrapped up Generation 9!

Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, and Chapter 8 were posted between July and October 8, with Ch. 8 the last post for Gen. 9)

The Generation 10 heir poll took quite awhile.  There was a tie between the twins and the triplets.  The triplets moved on for round 2 of voting.  That also ended in a tie, but my kid jumped in and just voted for a random sim.

Glow Bug wins the overall vote, but there will be THREE heirs this time around.  Firefly and Lightning will have a limited amount of controllable time a day and one full controllable day on the weekend.

Chapter 1

I’m really excited for this last generation.  All three will be having at least one child.  There will be a vote at the end of the generation and the winning child just might go off to do something new.


TS3 2016-10-05 19-25-05-22

A Little Pizzazz – in Midnight Hollow.  Just a regular Pinstar Legacy, complete with points.  This all started after my game kept crashing.  There is no CC (no hair!, but there is makeup).

Orchid Pizzazz is the founder and she is a rip-off of my berry simself, with some minor changes.



But several failed/abandoned challenges have had all their content removed and most links to the blogs have been hunted down and deleted.  I think these were Megahood Madness (sims 2), Sims 2 and 3 legacies, my random legacy, which I forget the name of now that it has been deleted, and 25 days, a speed legacy.  A Little Pizzazz has recycled one such domain.


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