Final Fantasy XV is here! Woo!


So sorry, guys.  I know I promised the Tart’s would be done by the 12th, but I did warn you that FFXV was coming on Nov. 30th.

I am happy to report that I completed the game by December 3rd.  Yes, that really does mean that hardly left my bedroom for three days.  My computer did not get turned on, food was not cooked, laundry was not done, and the house did not get cleaned (by me that is).  I literally only got up long enough to pee and shower.

I took a day to reflect on the game because I almost couldn’t function after it was done.  Yes, the game has some issues, but I enjoyed it overall anyway.  If you haven’t watched Kingslaive: Final Fantasy, you might not really understand what is actually happening, so I am so glad that it came out on DVD in October and I was able to see it.  Now I just might go out and buy it.

The last time I cried through a game was probably when Aerith died in VII.  I am now currently 18 hours into my next play.  As you can see above, I zoomed through the game in just under 55  hrs.  Square Enix boasts 125+ hrs of content, so I did ignore a lot because I needed to see the story unfold more than I needed to take on a mountain that moved and literally had me scream in terror and run away.  There is also plans for extra content, so that is something else to look forward to.

IGN Review (there might be spoilers)  I really agree with the writer on several points he/she makes.  It’s a mix up of old time for us long time users, with some new stuff added to keep us interested and bring in the new players.

I am going to force myself to play the Tart’s today because I missed last week’s chapter and it is only partially played (roughly 30 shots taken).  I will do two chapters this week and have the finale next week, which will be on schedule if it kills me.  If I need more chapters before that time, I will get out as many as I need to keep the scheduled ending.


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