Goodbye Tart’s, Hello Small

It was a sad couple of days after completing the Tart ISBI last week.  I took some time and decided I wasn’t ready to go back to my other stuff that has been waiting impatiently for me to finish with Generation 11.

I started puttering around with Raspberry and Hazelnut.  Raspberry married a guy and had a little boy.  Hazelnut surprised me by being gay.  She married an immigrant girl and they also had a little boy.  I had fun playing with them, but not enough to start a challenge or anything.  They both are doing a bit of fun competing with each other.  They got engaged at the same time, married at the same time (well, almost the same time, as someone had to do laundry in the middle of it), and had their boys at the same time.


Hazelnut’s boy got Raisin’s hair and his second mother’s skin and eyes.


Raspberry’s boy, got his grandmother’s (Jet Chimeree) hair and his dad’s eyes and mom’s skin.

This still wasn’t enough to get me interested in them as a family, just someone I’d like to visit and maybe keep them on the back burner.


I did however, fall in love with Hazelnut’s wife, Keely.  I saved her to my bin for later use.


I started playing with a madeover Dante Morganthe and plopped her in town too.  I was just expecting her to breed since had already met a woman (he would later say she was not attractive to him) and so he met up with Keely.

Join us for a random, made up ISBI Rainbow Alphabetcy, A Small ISBI, where our dubious hero tries to top the Firefighter career while also keeping small humans alive because our first Keely and our second Keely are two different sims entirely.  I think she’s bipolar.

My made up rules are here.

A small note:  Some of you might have had this new blog bookmarked.  The blog is several years old and has hosted any number of failed challenges, including a Doppleganger Challenge, a 3 Little Sims Challenge, an Asylum challenge…and the list goes on.  Hopefully this one does not join them in death.

A second small note:  I am adding sims to town (most of Twinbrook is old and dead-ish now), so if you want Legacy sims or spares to populate Twinbrook, let me know.  So far, I have sims from the Creeper Legacy, Skipton ISBI, Heroes and Villains, OPB gave me a secret (or not so secret) link to Reaver Pierce from Heart of Insanity and she has promised me Simon Tragedy soon.  Cocaine Chimeree and several of his family members moved in on the same day as he and Keely.  I have some Rourke EPICs, Splash of Color‘s Celly Bitters, and I couldn’t very well leave out RSGNM‘s, Moss family.  Holy crap….Then there is a Mendoza, a Derpington (Welcome back, Derpington’s!), Cristina Winchester, and Grape Whisp.


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