Sims 3

Queen BeeCompleted 7/13/2012
Boo’s Boo Boos A WYDC Completed 8/2/2012
Desiderio – a wishacy Completed 1/13/2013
Vinson Epic – A Boolprop EPIC Challenge, Completed (first one ever!) 11/14/2014
Tart ISBI – Completed 12/12/2016

A Little Pizzazz – Pinstar Legacy
A Small ISBI – Generation 1, a Rainbow ISBI Alphabetcy
Parker Speedy Alphabetacy – Generation E
Kilgore Rainbowcy – Generation 4
The Vinson EPIC 2.0 –  Generation 5 (really 15)
Tarts All Around Us – A Tart Alternate Universe
Touch of Evil – After three years, it is coming back soon.
Tart Genes – a collection of failed Perfect Genetics challenges, current is Cola Fizz Tart.
Paint the Town – a cross of a PGC with a 100 baby challenge

Seeing Double – A Doppelganger Challenge – hiatus. Cancelled
The Souffle’s – an It’s All Relative challenge – sort of ongoing/hiatus off and on.
Lavender Wishes – a wishacy Currently in Generation 2.  Long term hiatus.



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