Cupid and Kids

I had a request for the Cupid family from the 1st Anniversary Challenge.  Here they are in library file.

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Cupid Arrow – Neurotic, Over-Emotional, Flirty, Childish, Commitment Issues.

His traits are for the challenge, feel free to change them.

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Maeve  – Disciplined, Virtuoso, Easily Impressed.
Dewi  –  Brave, Athletic, Equestrian
Lada  –  Neurotic, Good, Heavy Sleeper.
Ran/Vidar  –  Due to losing two save files trying to save my game, Vidar has lost 8 hrs gameplay and is back to being named as (goddess) Ran.  I’m just gonna leave it in my game.  He is Loner, Excitable and Loves the Heat.
Brigit  –  Good Sense of Humor, Good and Excitable.
Gaia  –  Brave, Excitable and Athletic

Cupid and Co


12 thoughts on “Downloads

    • You’re very welcome. Hope you have fun with the new wacky SV.

      Langerak link fixed! Thanks for letting me know! I’m putting up Twinbrook and Moonlight Falls Now.

  1. Moonlight Falls Townies, are my versions and are completely askew. I will be doing them over again in December. Currently working on Hidden Springs so I can use them for my challenge on Dec. 1.

    Sunset Valley and Twinbrook are complete, minus homeless since MC deletes them on startup.

    • Yes, I did. I was tired of the rude comments about the sims, So, I am no longer going to be having them. The links can be requested though.

      Story sims have been moved to their respective blogs though.

      • Thank you for responding so quickly. I’m sorry that rude people were commenting and ruining it for you and the people who like you sims.. I’ll make sure to message you if I forgot to download any of the sims you made over.

  2. Hey Jenn, I was wondering where the links for your townie make-overs went? I lost most of my stuff when my old laptop died in January so I really need to download them again. They are so much better then the regular EA townies.

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