Must Reads

Ultimate Sims 3 Recovery Guide – This saved the Tart ISBI.  It has saved a ton of my things.  I would die if this link ever disappeared.  I just updated it when I went to help someone and it was a dead link.  A quick search found it again.

Updated 2/9/2014
Updated 11/23/2015
Updated 5/15/2016

Rad Sims
Kahekili Random Legacy
Rourke EPIC Legacy
Zale Family ISBI
Berries of Insanity
Absolutely Cuckoo
Pollard EPIC Legacy
Young Forever – a Backwards ISBI
Ugly Wishes
Everything by Loralie
Insanity Family
Mendeleev ISBI
The Dysfunkshinul Legacy
I Hope to be Surrounded by Idiots
Bedlam ISBI
Anne’s Sims (TS2, apocalypse (complete) and BACC)
Shepherd Legacy – Mariah
A Berry Crazy ISBI – Recently posted!  Yay!
Evans EPIC Challenge

Hold my Beer – Completed
Colors of Amour – Completed
Elvira Brood – WYDC – Completed
Splash of Color – Completed
The Skipton ISBI – Completed
Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss – Completed
The Southern Prettacy – Completed
Chim-Chim-Cheree – Completed
Colourcaste – No posts in a year, still worth reading though.


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