Simself – Sims 3 Only

I have had several requests for my simself.  The one I used to use was not done well and I took it down a long, long time ago.  She is now updated and ready for your abuse.

Changes NOT Allowed:  Facial/body structure.
Changes Allowed:  Anything else!  Occult preference is either vampire or fairy.  If you berrify her, I prefer pastel colors for skin.  Any color is fine as is hair color and combos.  She can be married, killed, tortured, gay, straight, bi or just a passing townie.

TS3W 2015-07-07 08-39-26-16 TS3W 2015-07-07 08-52-01-69

Picture 1 is with my CC.
Picture 2 is how she is packed.
She should be wearing a very long ponytail, I just don’t have a no-CC one that looks okay.

Traits are pretty much me:  Family-Oriented (true), Bookworm (true, but also could be changed out for either Grumpy or Mean Spirited), Slob (not true, but we can’t all have perfect traits.  Evil can be used here), Shy (true), Couch potato (semi-true).

She is in .sim format, so she will be placed in your SavedSims folder.

Mediafire:  Jenn Simself


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