More Bad News

Last month,  my router got locked up and we did everything to save it, but it was ruined.  After buying another one, we were fine.  Support people from the other router wanted $40 to fix it, so we said no way.   Saturday, I bought Windows 8 upgrade and was backing up stuff yesterday to install it.  My screen went black and my computer no longer recognized my hard drive.  While I was out filling up the new pool, Jason was in the house slaving  over my computer like a champ.  It took 8 HOURS, 7 reformats, 3 operating systems and 9 legitimately bought OS Codes (from XP to Win7) before we could get anything to stick to this hard drive. 

He did have to explain it in idiot terms, but apparently something got in and hijacked my computer and locked off 300 mb.  I only download sims stuff, so I am now no longer to download CC, lots or sims.  I’m actually not allowed to download anything at all now, but mostly the anti-sim came out with, “The sims are evil, don’t download them.”

Anyway, I got some  stuff backed up, but it crashed while I was going to backup up my 2000+ songs in iTunes – library lost.  Saved up screenshots waiting updates – lost.  Updates that were written – lost.  I have not assessed the other damage, but all save should be fine on my jump drive. 

Reports are that sims 3 works fine with Windows 8, but Sims 2 does not.  I ordered Bon Voyage on Thursday to complete my collection, so this ticks me off since I have been playing a  lot of Sims 2 over the past couple of months.

I am not sure which saves will be affected, but please understand that you will be seeing age gaps in several stories.  Children are now either teens or YA.  Parents are now Grandparents or dead.  Plus you will meet babies that you didn’t know were born, spouses that you didn’t know existed.

Sorry in advance.  I am hoping to get them all installed today and maybe even play some this week.  Work is still brutal, but I have today off due to the computer troubles.

I’m up to Town Life in the installation.  

2 thoughts on “More Bad News

    • I did get Sims 2 work. It only has trouble if you don’t have any expansions for some reason. I played the hell out of it for two days and then the computer crashed again.

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